Meet the Sunshine Society team

Founding President

Gurniwaz Gagar

Gurniwaz is a second-year Anthropology and Philosophy student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Gurniwaz is a community-minded individual who has been passionate about giving back and creating a positive impact in her community. Gurniwaz is passionate about showing how diversity can make a positive difference in the community and does so through her work in Sunshine Society and other projects she is a part of. In the future, Gurniwaz would like to become a lawyer to advocate for individuals needing legal aid during difficult moments in their life. Gurniwaz has been awarded the Outstanding Service Award and the Outstanding Leadership Award from her high school and has been awarded scholarships and awards, including the Kwantlen Polytechnic Major Entrance Award. Gurniwaz hopes to encourage other youth to be the change they would like to see in the world, and hopes that her efforts inspire other youth to make their passion projects and dreams come to life


Deephans Singh

Deephans is a grade 12 student at Seaquam Secondary School. Deephans is an individual strongly passionate towards the community and believes in giving back to the community in numerous ways, including his work at Sunshine Society. Deephans has achieved the International Global Citizens Award (IGCA) for his community service. He has also achieved numerous Principal list and honour roll awards in his high school. In the future, Deephans wants to pursue his career in the medical field and become a cardiac surgeon to help those in need. In his free time, he likes to work out and spend time with his friends and family. Deephans believes in making some valuable contributions to make a positive difference in our community and he hopes to reach out and encourage other young individuals by his efforts to make some essential positive changes


Jasnoor Boparai

Jasnoor is a second-year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major at SFU. She has always enjoyed volunteering and it slowly progressed to become an integral part of her life. She fully believes in giving back to her community as much as she can and with Sunshine, she hopes to make that positive difference. In her free time, she likes to swim, draw, and bake.


Kathy Chen

Kathy Chen is a current grade eleven student who hopes to pursue her passion of learning in post-secondary, particularly the studies of linguistics and chemistry. He enjoys dedicating her time volunteering to a range of opportunities, from working every Saturday at a local thrift store to designing Summer camp itineraries. Kathy adores wearing mismatched earrings, talking to his friends, and listening to her favourite artist, “Aviv”. Most importantly, she is ecstatic to become a chair of Sunshine Society!


Komal Dhaliwal

Komal Dhaliwal goes by the pronouns she/her and is a grade 11 student who enjoys spending her time watching Netflix, playing volleyball as well as occasionally reading different genres of books. Komal joined Sunshine Society as she strongly believes in helping out and inspiring people around her in hopes of a positive/changed community. She firmly believes in taking a stand for equality and talking about serious issues that society often pushes back. Overall, Komal wants to bring changes that benefit everyone!!

Content Director

Estella Pham

Estella is currently a senior student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. She is determined to pursue a future in the medical industry as a cardiologist specialist or surgeon. She has joined Sunshine Society to meet new people, create, and improve her skill in graphic designing. Aside from the organization you would see her working at PNE in the donut stands during the summer, playing the flute or tenor saxophone, and fangirling over Asian idols (like Jungkook or Song Weilong).

Content Director

James Preddy

James is a grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. He is one of the Social Media Directors in Sunshine Society. They joined Sunshine Society because he really wanted to make a difference in the community and to raise awareness towards different humanitarian issues. James also wanted to meet similar-minded people to work alongside. His favourite country to visit is South Korea and they love trying new foods!

Content Director

Amy Yin

Amy is currently a Grade 12 at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School in Coquitlam and hopes to pursue a business degree in university. She wishes to work as a finance executive in the head office of a large clothing company, or as a senior consultant at one of the Big 4 Firms. She joined Sunshine Society to meet like-minded students who also have a passion for social impact, while also having the opportunity to make positive contributions towards her community. Aside from volunteering, Amy can be found working with young students and empowering them towards academic success, competing in business case competitions, listening to music at full volume, and binging her favourite Netflix TV shows.

Content Creator

Bhavisha Malik

Bhavisha is currently in high school and is planning on majoring in Psychology in Post-Secondary. She has always enjoyed volunteering because she strongly believes that her contributions, along with her peers can help in making a difference and which is why she is very passionate about helping people in order for them to have a better lifestyle. In her free time, she likes to read, spend time with her friends and family, try out new recipes and most entertaining of all, annoy her younger brother. With sunshine society, she hopes to strengthen her leadership skills so that she is able to make a positive difference in my community.

Content Creator

Yong Lee

Yong is a grade 9 IB student at Port Moody Secondary School. He has a passion for Social Justice (specifically racial and gender justice and mental health), thus he decided to work as a social media marketer at sunshine society, to contribute to spreading awareness on various injustices that are shown in our society to help shape a better future. Yong is involved in a variety of extracurriculars, but specifically has a personal/artistic passion for theatre, so he was involved in the district #43 Met Fest (district-level wide theatre festival) in 2021. His academic interest lies around biology, especially human anatomy, and had an excellent opportunity to execute that, by getting chosen to send an experiment to the International Space Station from Canada in 2022. Combining all of his interests and passions, Yong hopes to study psychology and theatre at the University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he hopes to become a Mental Therapist and Stage Performer as his career, to promote the mental well-being of people who need assistance, and simultaneously keep live entertainment alive.

Content Creator

Leena Tagourti

Leena is a current grade twelve student at Terry Fox Secondary who plans on pursuing post-secondary education in Neuroscience. She is passionate about this field because it combines her passion for both science and psychology. In the summer, you can find Leena between the beach and her summer job instructing at PedalHeads; a mountain biking camp for kids. Having moved around most of her life, Leena accredits her open-mindedness, adaptability and leadership to the numerous cultures and perspectives that she has had the privilege of experiencing. She has always enjoyed volunteering, giving back to her community and meeting like-minded individuals, so there was no hesitation when it came to Sunshine Society. Joining Sunshine Society has allowed her to spread awareness about important issues, all while improving her graphic design skills. Leena has been awarded the Top Service Award and Outstanding Work Ethic Award from her high school, recognizing her commitment to excellence everywhere she goes. In addition to volunteering, her hobbies include reading, travelling, yoga, fashion and listening to music!

Internal Communications

Antonia Hinta

Antonia is currently a senior at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School and is planning on studying life sciences/neuroscience post-secondary. She joined sunshine society so that she can help raise awareness for issues that she is greatly passionate about, as well as to become further involved in her community, to positively influence people, and to use her already developed skills to continue helping others. Although she dances competitively outside of school, she also enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and playing the guitar whenever she can! 

Internal Communications

Asuka Koizeki

Asuka Koizeki is a grade 10 international student at Pinetree secondary school. She is an internal communications member in Sunshine society. She hopes that this community contributes to people. She joined Sunshine society because she wants to improve her English skills, meet many people and make her community. She likes playing sports, cafe hopping and hiking. 

Internal Communications

Jasleen Vanjara

Jasleen is a full-time university student, who also works and volunteers part-time. She enjoys helping people, and she plans on working in human services. In her free time, she enjoys creating art, playing games, and spending time with her friends. She hopes that by being part of Sunshine Society, she will help people and make a difference in the community.

External Communications

Adrija Jana

“When you feel you cannot move ahead anymore, push yourself just one step further.”                   

A bibliophile with a natural eagerness to learn new things, Adrija enjoys writing, music, dancing, acting, event management, Communications and Public Relations. An international award winning recently published poet, she has established herself in the national and international Model United Nations (MUN) circle. Being an empathetic soul, Adrija loves to take care of stray animals and devotes much of her time to social services. She has worked with several magazines and youth organisations across the globe and is an ardent and committed activist in the field of advocacy against Period Poverty and Education Inequity.

Adrija is not just a creative artist, but also a creative activist, as sge channelises her creative interest and energy to raise her voice about issues she’s passionate about, and empowers to speak out for themselves.

Campaign Manager

Daman Bains

Daman Bains is in grade 11 and her pronouns are she/her. She joined the Sunshine Society as one of her goals is to raise more awareness for mental health for all generations. She enjoys giving back to the community as much as possible. Aside from volunteering, Daman’s hobbies consist of playing soccer and dancing ( bhangra ), and watching Netflix. Throughout the years she has been on the honour roll list and was given the student academic award. Overall with Sunshine, she wants to experience positive growth towards our society

Campaign Manager

Soumil Sharma

Soumil Sharma is currently studying in high school and plans on doing veterinary after high school. 

He joined this organization as he felt like he loves helping out in general, and believes strongly in giving back to society.

He also found this to be a great opportunity to meet new people and create new contacts.

Soumil enjoys playing soccer, working out, and the company of pets.

Financial Manager

Ellen Shao

Ellen Shao is a Grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School and plans to study Math and Science in post secondary. She joined Sunshine Society because she wants to make her community better and better. Helping others is lights that can make her life better.  Her favorite quote is “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” She hopes that she can apply this to herself. She will try her best to cooperate with new friends and play a helpful role in the team. Some fun facts about her: she likes cooking, especially making desserts; she loves drawing and fashion design; her favorite types of books are mystery and detective.

Financial Manager

Yanin Tipsuwanporn

Yanin is currently a grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. She plans to study Business Administration and Communications in her post-secondary. She joined Sunshine Society because she wants to help the community become better and better. She believes that this is a great opportunity to meet people and make connections. Fun facts, she is a fan of Formula 1 and Canucks.

Website Designer

Di Albu

Di Albu is a junior IB student at Port Moody Secondary School who wishes to further study computer- and neuroscience in post-secondary—hoping to later work towards advancing the field of brain-computer interfaces and machine learning. As a technophile passionate about everything from microcomputers to virtual reality, leveraging some prior experience to design websites for a local charity like Sunshine Society had been an attractive prospect. Their favourite game is The Talos Principle; favourite book: A Brief History of Time; favourite show: Black Mirror; and favourite programming language: Julia.

Fun certainly credible fact: Schrodinger’s cat paradox outlines a situation in which a cat in a box must be considered, for all intents and purposes, simultaneously alive and dead. Schrodinger created this paradox as a justification for killing cats.

Website Designer

Aryamaan Singh

Aryamaan Singh is a second-year Economics student at the University of British Columbia. Aryamaan is an individual strongly passionate towards the community and believes in giving back to the community in numerous ways, including his work at Sunshine Society. Aryamaan has achieved the International Global Citizens Award (IGCA) browns and silver for his community service. He has also achieved dean list in his first year at university and numerous Principal list and honour roll awards in his high school. Aryamaan is curentry working part time with the TD Bank. In the future, Aryamaan wants to pursue his career in the financial field. In his free time, he likes to work out, swim, and trade in stocks, options, crypto and NFTs. Aryamaan believes in making valuable contributions to make a positive difference in our community. He hopes to reach out and encourage other young individuals by his efforts to make some positive changes, even if it is small because everything counts.

Website Designer

Dorothy Yuan

Dorothy is a grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary who plans to pursue pharmaceutical sciences/pharmacology in post-secondary. She joined Sunshine Society because she wants to help those who are in need to give them a better life and make meaningful connections with the community. Also, she thinks that it is a great opportunity to meet people who share similar values and interests with her. Fun fact, she plays badminton competitively, and she is on the school badminton team.

Website Designer

Luna Li

Luna is a senior student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary in Coquitlam. She is one of the website designers in Sunshine Society. She joined Sunshine Society because she wishes to make a difference in the local community with a group of like-minded people, and Sunshine Society provides a valuable platform for her. She wants to pursue her higher education at UBC and major in accounting.

Fun fact: She is a foodie and likes baking.

Environmental Team

Bonnie Cai

Bonnie is a grade 10 student in Pinetree Secondary. She is an Environmental Team Member in Sunshine Society. Bonnie has a passion for animation, drawing, art & crafts and many other creative related hobbies. Having the role as an Environmental Team Member helps her to connect with natural life and learn more things that help with her passions.

Environmental Team

Yulia Kholyanova

Yulia is a grade 10 student at Pinetree Secondary. Part of the Environmental Team, she joined Sunshine Society because she has an interest in learning about the environment and making changes to improve the world.

Environmental Team

Aman Wadhawan

Aman is currently an international student from India. He is attending post-secondary at KPU with a major in Psychology, a subject he finds quite interesting. Exploring new things is his hobby, and creating a positive attitude around himself helps him be positive and happy. Right now, he is just going with the flow in life.