Community Projects

Helping our community, the environment and the less fortunate one step at a time


Care kits for Surrey Women’s Shelter

March 8th, 2021

In honour of Women’s Day taking place in March, our first project of 2021 was dedicated to donating 20 care kits to Virginia Sam Transition House. Each kit included 1 toque, a pair of gloves, shampoo, feminine pads, a tooth brush, toothpaste, and a pair of socks. We also donated 7 bags of clothes and a few pairs of shoes!

Surrey Food Bank Fundraiser

June 24th, 2021

As the pandemic continues, low-income families in the Lower Mainland continue to struggle with being able to provide themselves with affordable and healthy meals on the table. We raised nearly $900.00 to put towards this project to help families in need to put a meal on the table. 

We purchased the following items to donate to the Surrey Food Bank: ​Canned items (including peach slices, mixed vegetables, bean mix, pasta  sauce, chicken  noodle soup, and lentils), brown and white rice, pasta, packs of water, oatmeal,  granola bars, flour, mixed berry applesauce cups, cereals, vegetable oil, crackers, and baby food.

Community Cleanups

Sunshine Society completed two community clean ups in the Surrey Central Bus-Loop Area on August 7th, 2021 and September 5th, 2021. This initiative is being continued from last year and allows our team to bond together while still helping our community! The City of Surrey provided us with resources to ensure this initiative to be successful. We walked around the large area and collected any trash we found along the way. By the end of both of the cleanups, we filled a total of six bags with the garbage we found around the area!​


December 2021

Ashki Shkur is a grade 12 student at Britannia Secondary School. Ashki has been awarded Sunshine Society’s first annual scholarship. Sunshine Society is proud to award Ashki with this award, and we hope that it will help support Ashki’s educational and career goals. Congratulations Ashki!


Surrey Foodbank Fundraiser

June 8th, 2020

Sunshine Society’s first official initiative was directed towards the Surrey Food Bank. Our goal was to provide a helping hand to the Surrey Food Bank, which was suffering from food shortages and struggling to help families and individuals in need due to the unfortunate circumstances delivered by COVID-19. Our initial goal was to raise $100 in monetary donations to put towards the purchase of non-perishable food items. To meet our goal, we promoted our fundraiser through social media, called and emailed local businesses, and had our team reach out to members of their social bubbles.

Although we had an initial goal to raise $100 in monetary donations, we graciously ended up raising over $1000 in monetary donations thanks to our community, and $1000 in non-perishable food items thanks to our local businesses! On June 8th, 2020, our executive team came together (following COVID-19 guidelines and wearing sufficient PPE!) and purchased over $1000 worth of non-perishable food items using our monetary donations. We delivered these goods, along with the non-perishable food items donated by our local businesses, to the Surrey Food Bank! 

(Fun Fact: Altogether, we donated over 2,200lbs of food!)

Community Cleanup

Sunshine Society completed a community clean up in Surrey at the Tynehead Regional Park on August 30th, 2020! The City of Surrey provided us with resources to ensure this initiative to be successful. We walked around the 4-kilometre trail of Tynehead Regional Park and collected any trash we found along the way. By the end of the cleanup, we filled two bags with the garbage we found around the park!

Care Packages for Unhoused Individuals 

December 25th, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shelters have seen a decrease in donations. Shelters reportedly had been unable to provide resources and housing to unhoused individuals at the capacity they could before the pandemic. Our team wanted to do our best to ensure unhoused individuals in Surrey, BC, were provided with the items required to keep them safe and healthy during the cold winter season. 

On December 25th, 2020, our team provided Surrey Urban Mission Society with 75 care packages for the less fortunate. Each package included the following items: $15 Tim Horton’s gift card, four toques, two scarves, three pairs of gloves, one t-shirt, one pair of socks, three water bottles, two juice bottles, four snacks, one pack of hand wipes, bandages, one chapstick, and ten masks.